Everything You Need To Know About Beat Licensing

Jul 10, 2020 by aaronwilde - 0 Comments

Online beat licensing has been around for many years now. Back in the early 2000’s we had the growth of platforms like Myspace which has now progressed to many popular beat selling platforms like Beatstars, Airbit and Traktrain.

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Why Mastering Your Music is So Important

Jul 06, 2020 by aaronwilde - 0 Comments

Mastering music is often a process that is overlooked. I did this for so long before I properly learned how to master my music. For me, I just threw on some buss compression with a preset and a limiter and hoped for the best. 😅

In this post, I’m going to walk you through how I go about mastering one of my beats including my go to plugin chain I typically use. First, i just want to go through some basic tips to keep in mind.

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The Best Mixing Tips I’ve Learned 🔥

Jul 05, 2020 by aaronwilde - 0 Comments

Mixing is a process that often confuses many people. It’s like a mystical art that we are always trying to chase and improve on in hopes that it will take our tracks to another level 🙏

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